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Ten Cent Takes

A queer podcast looking at comic book history, pop culture, and how the two connect.

Also: Swears.

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Except for Spotify.

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Dollar Bin Goblins

Ten Cent Takes drops new episodes weekly. Our main episodes are longform discussions about interesting moments in comic books and how they tie into the larger fabric of pop culture and history. 

Every other week, we drop our "Dollar Bin Discovery" mini-episodes. These are short conversations where Jessika and Mike talk about a fun book they found while rooting through dollar bins. Dollar Bin Discovery episodes focus on what the book is, what goes on in it, and why it's interesting. 

Latest Episode Transcripts

Accessibility is important to us, so we provide text transcription of each of our published episodes.

Show off your

Let us know when you find a cool book in the dollar bins! 

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