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About the Show

Have you ever come across a comic that looks so weird or bizarre that you just *have* to know what the story behind it was? Like an issue of Marvel's Hellraiser comics, the Star Trek/X-Men crossover novel, or part of the Debbie Does Dallas comic series?

Our show explores the history of strange and silly comics we discover while rooting through the back issues of local shops. 


Jessika Frazer
Mike Thompson

Invite you to binge bizarre comics

Mike and Jessika are two friends living in the San Francisco Bay Area with a shared love of comic books. By day, they work at Grown Up Jobs™  but pursue a number of nerdy interests when they're off the clock. 

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Mike's a reformed journalist working as a mutant technical writer. He loves objectively terrible media, baking, and coffee.

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Sarah Frank is the incredibly talented illustrator who does all the show's artwork. She loves hiking, chocolate, and dachshunds.

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